Efren's Pest Control Services

Pest Control & Inspections

We offer every conceivable pest control service including spider extermination and mice control. Our highly qualified technicians have vast experience in controlling and getting rid of a wide variety of pest species on behalf of our customers. They include bed bugs, pigeons, bees, scorpions, fleas, ticks, beetles, crickets, silverfish, termites, wasps, and snakes. We use odorless chemicals which are safe to be used in hospitals, and around children, pets, and elderly people.

Mice control is one of our specialties here at Efren's Pest Control. Thousands of properties, both residential and commercial, suffer an invasion of mice at some point, and it is vital to call us as soon as you realize they are present. Rodents can cause a variety of problems in a home, so the sooner we can get there the better. Our team boasts a 99% success rate of exterminating pest species, making us the most reliable choice in the area. Call us anytime on (915) 257-6568.

scorpion control

At Efren's Pest Control our qualified technicians specialize in scorpion control. The service is customized to your property, and we use inspection and control techniques to target scorpions at their nesting and breeding areas. Our scorpion control products are mixed at EPA-approved levels to produce optimal results. Over the years we have achieved a 99% success rate in eliminating scorpions. We will also explain to all customers how to keep their home scorpion-free by providing ideas on reducing entry points to the home.

termite treatment

If you find termites in your home, you need to take prompt action by calling us to exterminate them. There are, however, measures that can be taken to treat the area around your house and prevent infestations from taking place. Efren's Pest Control can provide termite inspections and termite treatment in the soil around your home or business to make sure the pests do not invade. If they are there, we will destroy their nest.

Cockroach Extermination

Cockroaches pick up germs from unsanitary parts of the home – such as bathrooms and sewage areas – and can carry a wide variety of bacteria and human pathogens. Homes are often an ideal breeding ground for roaches, so it is vital to take immediate steps if you realize you have an infestation. Efren's Pest Control has been dealing with the problem for almost 30 years, and we are happy to provide our expertise and experience. Call us on (915) 257-6568.

Bed Bug Removal

Infestations of bed bugs are increasing throughout the nation, and the El Paso, Texas area is no exception. They are difficult to control, so a professional exterminator using proper treatment methods and products is the only way of eradicating them from your home. Here at Efren's Pest Control we have almost 30 years of tackling bed bugs, so put your trust in us, and you will receive the thorough, reliable treatment for which we have become known.

Mice Infestations

Mice can gnaw their way through electric cables in your home, leave droppings on the floor, and spread a variety of unpleasant diseases. So if you suffer a mice infestation in your house, it is essential that you get a professional team of exterminators to get rid of them. At Efren's Pest Control our qualified team of technicians has been carrying out rodent extermination work for almost 30 years. We are reliable, affordable, and efficient. So call us right away on (915) 257-6568.

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