Efren's Pest Control - Scorpion Control| Scorpion Control and Scorpion Elimination in El Paso, Texas

At Efren's Pest Control we offer a comprehensive pest control service which includes spider extermination and rodent control. Our greatest specialty, however, is the control and elimination of scorpions on behalf of commercial and residential customers in and around El Paso, Texas.

As the leading pest exterminator and scorpion killer in the area, our experienced technicians know how essential it is not to mess around when it comes to dealing with those particular pests. They can be frightening and dangerous and should be dealt with immediately.

Our qualified staff specialize in effective scorpion control, and customize the service to your property, using proven inspection and control techniques to target scorpions at their nesting and breeding areas.

We utilize scorpion control products that are mixed at EPA-approved levels to produce optimal results, which has helped us achieve a 99% success rate in eliminating scorpions over the years. We also explain to all customers how to keep their homes scorpion-free by providing ideas on reducing entry points to the home, all based on our expertise and proficiency.

Efren's Pest Control has been serving residential and commercial customers in and near El Paso, Texas for 38 years, and the company has established a first class reputation for the comprehensive nature of our treatment work.

We will clear your home of all pest species, including roaches, spiders, crickets, ants, silverfish, fleas, bed bugs, termites, wasps, and bees. However, we are best known for being the most reliable company in the state for getting rid of scorpions.

So if you are looking to receive excellent customer service and see why we boast a 99% success rate in ridding homes and businesses of scorpions, call (915) 257-6568 to get a quote for a licensed technician to call at your property.Put the content here